StyleRow Platform Updates - 02.22.22

💐 Spent the past few days clipping the ends off of Valentine’s bouquets? Keep on clipping from new sites we’ve enabled for the StyleRow Clipper!


What's New on the StyleRow Platform?


Clipper Improvements

Our Clipper tool now works on Restoration Hardware and Orphan Work and keeps the previous Project and Room selected. Get items into Projects faster than ever!
✂️ If you don't have the StyleRow Clipper installed yet, don't miss out on this productivity stream - it's free for all StyleRow Plans!

Why StyleRow Designers Love Using the Clipper

"Our team loves StyleRow! We use the web clipper to quickly clip any product from the web and store all our favorites in the digital library that our whole team can access."

Julien Marbot,
"I love the clipper and how it helps me quickly enter the photo and all information I would need to order [a product] as well as the link to find it again quickly for more information."

Cheri Etchelecu,


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The StyleRow Product Team
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