How do I use the StyleRow iOS app?

The StyleRow app is an extension to your Photos app that allows you to easily and seamlessly move all your photos of products, inspirations, and job sites to your StyleRow account. Get photos out of your device and into the shared workspace of Projects and Libraries for collaborative use with your team, and perpetual shared storage to easily organize and find them later!

To start using the app, search for StyleRow in the App Store or download here. See below  instructions on how to authorize the StyleRow app. Once the app is downloaded and authorized, you can go into your Photos app and select the photo that you'd like to upload into StyleRow. Finish by completing the necessary fields and click the upload button to add.

Contact if you have any issues or questions. 



1. Select a photo from your phone, and click the "Share" button


2. Tap the "More"icon to access your list of activities, activate StyleRow, then tap "Done"


3. Click the StyleRow "Add to Products" button on the actions menu. 



Pro-Tip: Press and hold the StyleRow button to rearrange the icon order. Move the StyleRow button left for easier access. 


For further information and questions, schedule a call.

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