The New Guard; What the Next Generation of Clients Want

Most seasoned designers will recall the days before Instagram, Pinterest, and texting when design ideas were presented and approved without much deviation. These days, the savvy, informed generation of clientele comes to the table expecting to be part of the conversation every step of the way. From sharing ideas they spotted on social media to requesting household name design brands, the process is more collaborative than ever. Join StyleRow for an exploratory conversation on what today's clients want and how smart designers and brands have adapted their businesses to meet those ever-changing needs. Designer Dani Arps found her niche designing start-up office spaces catered to the young innovators and how they use their environments. She'll shed light on how that has changed in recent months, the future of office design, and what the next generation of monied clientele needs now. She'll be joined by rising design star Jake Szymanski, founder and product designer of his eponymous brand, J.M. Szymanski sharing how he designs for himself and the young designers at the top of their game, along with their discerning clientele and the industry at large, are on board with his honest and native vision.



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